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Family and Divorce Lawyer in New Orleans

If you are contemplating divorce or legal separation, it is important to discuss your situation with a reliable and reputed Family & Divorce Attorney. At the Weiser Law Firm our clients’ interests are our number one concern. Hence, we sit down with our clients to learn about their situation and provide advice based upon their unique facts. Being an established and dependable Divorce lawyer New Orleans firm, we listen to our clients, so we understand what is important to them and develop a strategy to meet those needs.

Family & Divorce Attorney

Family Lawyer in New Orleans

We handle simple as well complex situations with same commitment and efficiency. No matter whether you have an uncontested divorce or an issue related to challenging division of property like 401Ks and retirement accounts; you can contact us to find solution. Our expertise covers all matters regarding divorce. Also, you can seek our expertise to arrive at a settlement and solve all issues in amicable manner. Our professionals work with you like a trusted companion to find the best solution. Most importantly, you can hire us to represent you as a trusted family lawyer New Orleans when you feel that litigation is the only choice available.

Being a highly reliable family lawyer New Orleans, we make sincere and committed efforts to identify the most affordable and beneficial resolution. No one wants to make things complex and spend a large amount of money for getting a divorce. Our Family & Divorce Attorney makes available all options before you. We assess your unique requirements and come up with the best support and guidance to help you achieve your objectives. As a renowned family lawyer New Orleans firm, we have a team of friendly, affectionate and honest lawyers who are prepared to strive hard to meet your needs.

If you are involved in a Family or Divorce Law issue, contact family & divorce attorney Harold E. Weiser III for an initial consultations. We serve clients in New Orleans, Jefferson Parish, and Louisianastate as well.

Contact Family & Divorce Attorney Harold E. Weiser III today to discuss your case!

  • Divorce and marital property division:

 When representing clients in divorce, we work to uncover hidden assets and negotiate fair property settlement agreements. We strive to safeguard our client’s rights in property division, including real estate, bank accounts, retirement accounts, vehicles, artwork, jewelry, and other personal property.

  • Divorce and children:

 To our clients with children, their parental rights are often the most contentious issues of the divorce. We help clients with disputes over child custody, visitation, child support, and other issues involving the children. To summarize, we work to protect the best interests of the children while achieving a favorable resolution for our client in child custody matters.

  • Divorce and financial support: 

We answer our client’s questions regarding child support and spousal support (alimony). While in spousal support cases, the award is needs-based, child support is based strictly upon Louisiana child support guidelines.

 We help protect our clients from harassing and hostile situations. The safety of our clients and their children is of extreme importance to us. If this detrimental situation is affecting your life it is imperative to act fast.

Our staff understands that divorce is difficult on everyone involved. At the Weiser Law Firm we pride ourselves at caring to all the needs of our clients. We know what it takes to resolve family law cases efficiently and effectively, helping to limiting the emotional stress on the client and their family.

Family & Divorce Attorney

If you are involved in a Family or Divorce Law issue, contact family & divorce attorney Harold E. Weiser III for a initial consultations. We serve clients in New Orleans, Jefferson Parish, and across the state of Louisiana.

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