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Federal Criminal Sentencing Lawyer

Federal Court Case Sentencing/Federal Criminal Sentencing Lawyer

Situation in which one might need a Federal Criminal Sentencing Lawyer : After a defendant in a criminal federal case cooperates with the government to the government’s satisfaction, whether in the investigation involving the defendant or in the investigation of any other person, the federal prosecutor will send a letter to the sentencing judge affirming that the defendant has substantial assisted the government pursuant to Section 5K1.1 of the US Sentencing Guidelines. This document is referred to as a 5K letter. The sentencing judge will consider the letter and reduce the defendant’s sentence depending on the nature and the value of the defendant’s cooperation.

Defendant’s cooperation alone will not ensure the 5K letter. The government has total discretion whether to submit the 5K letter to the judge. A lot depends on the quality of  the information provided by the defendant. For example, the defendant who provides information that the prosecutors can easily obtain elsewhere or who really doesn’t have any “big fish to sell” may never earn the 5K letter. Another example of the government’s refusal to submit the 5K letter is the cooperating defendant’s low value as a trial witness, particularly where the defendant’s credibility is problematic. This is known as a  ”non-5K cooperation”.

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Federal Criminal Sentencing Lawyer

Federal Criminal Sentencing Lawyer


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